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Sany’s 85-Ton RT Fills the Gap at a Reasonable Price

sany src885

Sany America has expanded its range of rough terrain cranes with the introduction of the 85 US ton capacity Sany SRC885. The Sany SRC885 offers a reach of up to 209.7 feet. through a five-section, full-power boom. It can achieve its rated capacity at a 10 foot radius. With an overall weight of 115,880 pounds, the Sany SRC885 is well sized for a variety of applications while still being easy to transport, the manufacturer said.

“The market is looking for a strong product that provides higher capacity than the more common 75- and 80-ton class machines without carrying the price tag of a 90-ton crane,” said Kyle Nape, senior vice president, Sany America Lifting Group. “We expect the SRC885 model to meet that demand and fulfill contractors’ expectations.” 

The new SRC885 is fitted with a Cummins engine, Braden winches and hoists, a Dana transmission and Parker hydraulics.

The SRC885 achieves maneuverability and a smooth ride through 4×4 hydraulic powered steering and earthmover-style tires. To provide stability in adverse ground conditions, the SRC885 rough terrain crane features three-position outriggers that level the crane with up to 12.4 inches of ground penetration and maximum horizontal extension of 24 feet.


Author: Sarah Ann McCay, KHL Group

Source: KHL Group

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