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Royal Wedding Gets A “Lift”

Rental company Hewden in the UK used a 55 tonne all terrain crane in preparations for the royal wedding on 29 April.
Setting the stage for the royal wedding
A full contract lift service with the was supplied from Hewden’s Dartford depot to Tothill Street, London, opposite Westminster Abbey, to help lift a temporary television studio for the broadcast of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
The location of Tothill Street in central London presented a challenge to safely and efficiently lift the studio within the confines of the street. To minimise disruption the lift began at 4.00 a.m. Planning and a full risk assessment was carried out beforehand. Steel plates were laid to support the three axle Terex crane and prevent damage to the road and underground train line that runs beneath Tothill Street.
The studio was delivered in segments and assembled on site in several consecutive lifts.
Gary Lawrence, Hewden crane operator, said, “It’s not everyday that we are called upon to assist with the preparations for a royal wedding. We are in a busy tourist area in the heart of the capital, so a lot of skill and precision was required to successfully lift the studio into place and keep disruption to an absolute minimum.”
It is estimated that 18.3 million people in the UK will watch the broadcast live on television.

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