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Proper Setup is Key to Lifting Maximum Capacity Loads

Outrigger close up

Outriggers provide a solid platform for the crane’s safe operation and efficient use when lifting a maximum capacity load. Operators and workers within a crane’s radius must always be aware of how critical the placement and use of outriggers are to the crane’s performance. Without this awareness they may place both themselves and the crane in peril.

Statistics show that at least 50 percent of crane incidents occur because the mobile crane or outriggers are not set up properly. This can be caused by not providing enough cribbing under the outrigger pads to support the crane and load weight. The following information will help you determine the pressures exerted by mobile crane outriggers, types of soil, and how to size outrigger cribbing to adequately support a working crane. Knowing how much weight is exerted on the outriggers is critical to maintaining the crane in a level condition and to ensure the crane has proper support.

Source: Crane Tech Tip of The Month

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