PPVC's Successful Relationship with Tower Cranes

Prefabricated pre-finished volumetric construction, also known as PPVC, has become increasingly popular in modern construction methods for buildings of all sizes and heights. Many times the use of high capacity tower cranes is required to lift and position PPVC components into place for assembly. International Cranes and Specialized Transport Magazine recently outlined the working relationship between PPVC and tower cranes.

What is PPVC?

Prefabricated pre-finished volumetric construction covers a wide range of processes with one common factor: elements are constructed at a facility away from where the building is to be built. Components and modules are then transported to the work site and pieced together to form the finished structure. Pre-fabricated 2-dimensional components include walls and floors, 3-dimensional modules can include entire building units. Such modules require the least amount of work time at the construction site because electrical, plumbing, and internal fixtures have already been assembled off-site.

Efficient Construction

PPVC offers increased productivity in many ways:

Time savings: While initial site work, earth moving, and building foundation requirements are implemented at the construction site, modules including walls and floor units are built at a factory off-site. The article gives an example of a 6-story hotel. Its components can be built in 3 months at the factory, then transported to the work site and assembled in just 20 days.

Quality assurance: Weather doesn't create delays because components are built indoors, plus robotics and assembly line production steps increase standards.

Safety: More construction offsite reduces time spent working at great heights.

Traffic reduction: Fewer construction site materials deliveries since components are built elsewhere.

Waste & Space reduction: Net waste at construction site is much less, while less storage area is needed for materials and tools.

The article suggests that buildings taller than six stories are best constructed with the use of one or more tower cranes.

The two types of PPVC most used are steel and concrete. Concrete modules are generally preferred but weigh considerably more than steel counterparts.

Several examples of PPVC international projects are highlighted with their efficiency statistics, and a brief history of early PPVC buildings is mentioned. Click here to read the whole story at the International Cranes website. Image above courtesy of khl.com.

August 6, 2020

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