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PAL Pre Start Inspection Video for AWP’s

In compliance with ANSI standards, operators of aerial work platforms (AWPs) must perform pre-start inspections of machines before use each day or at the beginning of each shift. AWPT (American Work Platform Training), the North American subsidiary of IPAF, has now released a new safety video that demonstrates how daily pre-start inspections should be performed.
The pre-start inspection video can be viewed and downloaded at the Publications/Film section of www.awpt.org. There are two versions: one for scissor lifts and one for boom lifts. Each version is about 13 minutes long. The video is targeted primarily at audiences in the US and Canada, but offers good general guidelines for safety and best practice.
The video demonstrates how AWPs, in accordance with the ANSI A92 standards, should be given a visual inspection and functional test, before use each day or at the beginning of each shift, including but not limited to the following: operating and emergency controls; safety devices; air, hydraulic and fuel system leaks; loose or missing parts; tires and wheels; placards and warnings; outriggers and stabilizers; guardrail system; any items specified by the manufacturer.

Source: http://www.liftandaccess.com/index.php?id=5478
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