New System Prevents Tower & Mobile Crane Collisions

AMCS Technologies has developed the world's first anti-collision system of its kind used between tower and mobile cranes working at the same site. Headquartered in France, AMCS provides crane technology and safety solutions. The new system, known as DCS 61-S, is available now for purchase internationally. ME Construction News recently highlighted the product at their website.

How does it work?

DCS 61-S automatically detects and documents the movements of multiple tower and mobile cranes working within proximity to each other. The system uses geolocation antennas placed on each machine, and a data logger function constantly records and saves events, movements and crane parameters to be viewed on a monitor in the cabin or saved to a USB drive for future review. AMCS says the system is easy to install and program.

Real time calculations are made for 3 dimensional distances between each element of the tower crane and cabin, plus speed of movement. It's designed to intervene on the control mechanism of the crane, slow it down, then completely immobilize it at a pre-set distance from the mobile crane. If the operator of the mobile crane gets too close to a prohibited overflight area, the DCS 61-S device will emit an increasingly loud signal warning.

Testing and application

The DCS 61-S system is designed to integrate with new tower and mobile crane anti-collision management technology as it becomes available. AMCS Technologies started work on this project in February 2018 and went through several phases of testing. The first actual work application was with one mobile and two tower cranes at the Les Ardoines metro station construction site in France.

Despite challenges from interference with tower and overhead bridge cranes at a nearby site, AMCS deployed effective solutions that made the overall project successful.

Click here to read the article. Photo above courtesy of ME Construction News.

November 20, 2020

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