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A mobile crane is often the ideal solution for construction professionals who are dealing with tight spaces and quickly approaching deadlines. Unlike many other crane types, mobile cranes offer construction crews numerous benefits, such as superior maneuverability, compact size, set-up speed, and more. At Sims Crane & Equipment, we can explain the different benefits and help you find the correct mobile crane equipment for your job site and application.

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Mobile CraneMobile cranes offer construction crews a wide range of benefits that other, larger cranes can’t provide. From its improved maneuverability and compact size to its quick and easy set-up, operators can get a mobile crane up and running quickly to keep their project on time. 

Sims Crane & Equipment has several late-model mobile cranes from which to choose. In fact, we are the crane company with the largest fleet of mobile cranes in the state of Florida, so you can rest assured that we’ll have the equipment you need. And better still, we can get it to you FAST. 

Choose from:

We have cranes with capacities ranging from 25-550 tons and boom lifts ranging from 92’-402’. We also offer a broad range of other crane types, so regardless of your needs, we’ll have the crane for you. 

Need Additional Assistance?

Do you need an operator with your equipment rental or purchase? Do you have company-owned equipment that is due for service or repairs? Sims Crane & Equipment can dispatch operators, technicians, parts, and equipment to any job site in the state. We are here for you and your team 24 hours a day, so no matter when you need our help, we’ll be by your side. 

Sims Crane & Equipment has helped hundreds of construction companies in Ocala and elsewhere throughout Florida, so if you are looking for mobile crane rentals or sales, contact us today! 

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