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Miller Lifting Products Expands Its Headache Ball Offerings

Miller Overhaul Ball

Miller Lifting Products, Charlton, Massachusetts, has introduced solid one-piece overhaul balls. Previously, overhaul ball weights were constructed of two halves. In response to customer feedback, Miller Lifting developed this improvement. This new design is easier to disassemble and reassemble, making maintenance easier and improving reliability. It also incorporates a recessed surface feature for better protection of the all-important identification label.

Miller’s overhaul ball assemblies are available with the full complement of top swiveling end attachments: eye, clevis, thimble, wedge socket, as well as a non-swiveling eye end connection and are available in capacities up to 35 tons. Miller overhaul assemblies are based on Miller’s patented Y-Link angular contact bearing swivel, the design which is often copied, but never improved. An added plus is the 5:1 design factor afforded by the Y-Link swivel.


Source: Crane and Rigging Hotline

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