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Midnight Blues: Update to What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Sims Crane was center stage last week thanks to Design Communications, Ltd. The private company, which specializes in the manufacturing of signs, called on Sims Crane to put up the fully refurbished Cirque du Soleil sign in Downtown Disney.
As the clock struck midnight on a Wednesday night, CCO Bill Daley arrived to help lift the giant letters which were secured to the front side of the large building. The letters of the newly refurbished sign are now a blue color as opposed to the original letters which were gray.
It didn’t take Daley long before he shifted the 40-ton Grove truck crane into action. With the use of 115 feet of boom, Daly was able to easily lift the 200lb letters to waiting workers who were in a man lift and on the rooftop of the building. They fastened the letters, which had been meticulously measured to fit over the faint impression left behind by the letters that hung there before.  Letter by letter, the crew secured each to the wall. By the time the sun rose the next morning, early risers could easily see ‘Cirque du Soleil.’
Canadian company Cirque du Soleil puts on performances that combine circus arts and street entertainment. Founded in 1984 by former street performers, Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier, it has since grown to become a global enterprise. Cirque started to expand rapidly in the 1990s, growing from one show to 19 shows in more than 271 cities on every continent except Antarctica. Employees from more than 40 countries help generate an estimated annual revenue exceeding $180 million.
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