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The Men & Women Behind the Scenes

When we think about construction equipment, a few different things come to mind. What does the piece of equipment do, how well does it perform the task, and who owns it? However, we can be guilty of overlooking a very important piece to the puzzle.

It’s not the men and women at the construction site or people in the office, but it’s the mechanics. Because of them, we can send our machines out at top level and provide the best service in Florida. Maintaining the wide variety of equipment we provide is a tough and dirty job. Because of their hard work and dedication, all of us at Sims Crane would like to give our mechanics a special thank you.

Sometimes we can underappreciate the important ones around us and not notice them. If you come across a mechanic, give the man or woman a pat on the back and thank them for their hard work and dedication to their job. Without them, we would have no equipment to provide to our customers. Thank you all of our mechanics for their time spent at Sims Crane.  

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