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Manitex Announces a Maneuverable Carry Deck Crane

Manitex CD90i

Manitex’s new Badger CD90i carry deck industrial crane is suited for loads not easily reached with a traditional crane or forklift. The 9-ton, cab-down crane can lift a full load and move 360 degrees at a 5-ft. radius. It has a specially designed out-and-down outrigger system that can be extended for stability and safely positioned close to the load, making it highly suitable for machine shop and shipyard applications.

The CD90i meets the current Environmental Protection Agency’s tiered engine requirements,  comes standard with electro-hydraulic controls, and has a low profile with extensive glass for better visability.

The CD90i will be available for purchase in the fourth quarter of 2013.


Source: Crane and Rigging Hotline


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