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Mammoet Lifts a Space Shuttle in Houston

Space Shuttle Houston

International heavy lift and transport service provider Mammoet helped lift a replica of a Space Shuttle onto a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) at the NASA Space Center in Houston, USA.

The 121-ft. long shuttle was lifted into place on a concrete foundation on top of the SCA NASA 905, a Boeing 747 jet airliner, using a 250-ft. tall Mammoet crane. The Shuttle was lifted to a height of 148-ft. before it was lowered into position.

Pierre Mille, Mammoet USA sales manager, said, “The lift was challenging because of the awkward weight distribution of the replica and the safety concerns for the thousands of spectators. A Space Shuttle, even a replica, is designed to go straight, so it catches a lot of wind when lifted sideways. But we engineered the lift carefully and were well prepared for this effect.

“With our crane we were able to set the Space Shuttle exactly where it needed to be. We also took every precaution to ensure the safety of the spectators. Our safety manager was present, we used our protective equipment and we blocked off the area so no-one could get hurt.”

The Shuttle is part of a history exhibit at the space center.


Author: Laura Hatton, KHL Group

Source: KHL Group

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