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ITI’s Webinar Attended From 22 Countries

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Last week, Industrial Training International held its sixth episode of the ITI Showcase Webinar Series, and more than 240 registrants from 22 countries signed up for the event, which focused on Lift Planning Considerations.

ITI President/CEO Mike Parnell’s agenda for the webinar included forming a decision-tree, standard vs. critical lifts, verbal and written plans, and managing risk. Attendees polled during the presentation, provided answers on how their company views lift planning.

When the audience was asked if their company used some form of Critical Lift Plan scorecard, 22 percent responded Yes and 78 percent said No.

When asked if their companies utilized a designated percent of LHE capacity to initiate a critical lift plan, 52 percent of attendees said Yes, between 76-90 percent; 8 percent said Yes, over 90 percent; 1.5 percent said Yes, between 50-75 percent; and 2.5 percent said No. 

Finally, the audience reported that 41 percent have not used a lift director, 29 percent have used a lift director for more than three years, 19 percent have used a lift director for 1 to 3 years, and 12 percent just started using a lift director.

Organizations represented included Alstom Wind & Power, WorkSafeBC, ASSE, BAE Systems, BP, CH2M Hill, Disney, Duke Energy, DuPont, Entergy, Fluor, GE Energy, Kiewit, Jacobs Engineering, Manitowoc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Shaw Group, Tesoro, Crosby, ThyssenKrupp Steel, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Navy, URS Corporation, and Vestas among others.

Previous and upcoming webinars may be accessed at http://iti.com/showcase. ITI’s next webinar is slated for Friday, September 7 and is titled ASME B30 & P30 Developments.
Source: http://www.cranehotline.com/articles/5986/lift-planning-where-does-the-industry-stand/

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