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Liebherr Introduces SL10 Wind Power Boom

Liebherr Boom

Crane manufacturer Liebherr has introduced a stronger wind power boom system for the LR 1600/2 crawler crane. With the new SL10 boom system, hoist height can be increased by 49.2 ft., making the maximum reach more than 525 ft., the manufacturer said. When fitted with the system, load capacity is increased from 85 tons to 101 tons at a hoist height of 482 ft., according to the manufacturer.

When configured with the SL10 system, the LR 1600/2 is capable of installing wind turbines with tower heights of up to 492 ft., a company spokesperson added.

The new system can be fitted on existing machines using additional lattice sections and does not increase the transport dimension of 9.85 ft.


Source: KHL Group

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