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SkyGuard Protection SystemAvailable for Older JLG Models

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JLG has announced the availability of a retrofit package for its SkyGuard crush protection system. The retrofit kit allows owners to equip almost any JLG diesel/Gas powered boom dating back to 2004 with the new system, and thus meet the demands of those contractors who are now insist on the fitment of such a device on machines operating on their sites.

The system fits above the control panel and when subject to a pressure of around 22kgs or more stops all functions and immediately reverses most functions that caused the pressure.

In a situation where extreme force is exerted, the sensor bar breaks away to provide additional space for the operator. A horn and optional blue flashing beacon simultaneously alerts other workers on the job site to sensor activation.

Global product director Jeff Ford said: “SkyGuard was developed after extensive research and testing. The results clearly demonstrate JLG’s on-going commitment to innovation that enhances both productivity and enhanced control panel protection. it can be installed on most combustion-powered JLG boom lifts manufactured from 2004.”

Source: http://www.vertikal.net/en/news/story/15878/

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