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Employee Spotlight: Mike Lapeirre

employee spotlight
Mike Lapeirre got started in the craning business in 1993 because to be successful in the piping industry you needed to be able to operate a crane. Fast forward 22 years, Mike is now a senior advisor for Sims Crane. His main objective is to plan all the critical lifts Sims Crane performs that have a high risk factor.

After looking at some of the plans he has done, we asked, “What was the most difficult job you have had to plan?” It was a tandem lift with a tower crane, lifting a 46,000 lb. beam 300 ft. into a building with a hole in the side just large enough for the beam to slip through.

After working with a wide variety of different cranes and other various equipment, Mike’s favorite is the PTC 3,200 ton made by Mammoet. This crane is a colossal compared to any other ordinary crane you see on the field, which is why it is his favorite.

We asked Mike, “What do you enjoy most about the craning industry?” He loves the excitement that it brings and the opportunity to work with highly skilled people. According to Mike, “This is the greatest job in the world for him.”

If you are a new operator or a rigger and asked Mike for advice, he would tell you, “Know your crane, know your job. You follow this guideline and you will always come home safe.”

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