Grove to Show Updated RT540 at ConExpo 2014

In March at ConExpo, Grove will launch the RT540 rough-terrain crane. The 40-ton capacity crane is an upgrade of the RT540E model, featuring a new cab, Manitowoc's Crane Control System, and an improved swing system. A new seat has also been added to improve operator comfort.

With CCS, a shorter lag time between joystick movements and the crane’s slewing motion allows operators better control over their lifts. Counter-slewing (or back-plugging) is also improved for smoother and faster deceleration. Duty-cycle applications, such as placing barriers on highway jobs, should also become easier.

Control on lifts at the top end of the crane’s capabilities (for example, when working with a longer boom at higher radii) is better due to the joystick’s controls being tied to the crane engine’s RPM. While the engine RPM is low, the operator still has proportional control through the full range of the joystick’s movement. This capability is automatically configured into the crane, so it is accessible to the operator without the need for changes to settings inside the operating display.

The Grove RT540 has a 102-ft. four-section, full-power boom, with a maximum tip height of 154 ft. The rectangular boom shape reduces overall weight while maximizing capacity. The RT540 features a rugged design with deep box-section frames, four-steering modes, and excellent pick-and-carry capabilities.

The CCS hardware is a standardized set of displays, joysticks, control units and a jog dial. The use of standard parts will make maintenance easier and improve fleet management for Manitowoc customers. Software is also standardized across Manitowoc product lines, and the system is directly attuned to Manitowoc Crane Care service software.


Source: Crane and Rigging Hotline

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