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The Gators Get a Lift

The sun is just coming up over Gainesville when the trailer carrying a 6,000lb hoist parks at University Avenue and NW 18th street, just a block from legendary
It’s not long before the shackles are in place and the base belonging to the single car hoist is rigged. He gives the signal to start the lift. A crane’s boom towering over the structure slowly swings the first piece over to Bowman and Davis waiting on the side of the building. They bolt it down. This process continues for an hour or so before the cab of the hoist is lifted high into the sky, lowered and secured.  Walker, Davis and Bowman work side-by-side throughout the day. By late afternoon, Bowman and Davis are looking down on the crowd from the eighth level of the building, where the car of the hoist is now at the top of the building ready for use.  

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