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Fuel-Saving Cranes from Bailey Focus on the Environment

Bailey LC18

Fuel costs continue to escalate for construction and industrial equipment owners, and to help increase fuel savings, Bailey Cranes has rolled out a new line of battery- and hybrid-powered carry-deck cranes. The 18,000-lb. capacity IC-18 is the first in a line of four industrial crane models that Bailey Cranes plans to produce. The family of cranes will range in capacity from 9,000 to 36,000 lbs.

The two-wheel-drive travel system is powered electrically by two AC motors that are driven directly by the batteries. “We chose the AC electric travel system for its performance, responsiveness, controllability, and low maintenance,” Bailey says. The system uses regenerative braking to help recharge the batteries. For maximum maneuverability, the IC-18 comes standard with hydraulically powered, four-wheel steering. The operator’s cab is similar to those used by other carry-deck crane manufacturers, according to Bailey, so operators will find it familiar and easy to work in. The function controls are fully proportional for excellent control and productivity.

Options on the crane include a radio remote control for operating the crane from outside the cab, non-marking tires to eliminate tire tracks on the floor, and omni-directional steering. For hazardous locations, the IC-18 can be developed to meet EE or EX standard ratings, as well as fitted with a 46KV insulated jib.


Source: Crane & Rigging Hotline

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