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Emotions is the Overlooked Leader to Distractions


Put Your Junk In The Trunk – Emotional Distractions

Distractions are known as the leading causes to accidents on job sites. For example, someone may be reading a text, tweeting about last night’s party or talking on the phone with a loved one. Any of these examples are quite common causes for accidents. Although, there tends to be a different reason people get distracted that manages to be overlooked.

Emotions cause big distractions. How many times have you caught yourself doing a task at work then all of a sudden you fall into a daydream about something completely different? It happens to all of us… thinking about a loved one in the hospital, financial issues, personal medical issues, and we can go on and on with it. As it is easier said than done, we have to learn to put these emotions aside and work safely and efficiently throughout the day. Our fellow workmates’ lives are in each other’s hands. For example, if Bob the hand signal guy is thinking about how he is going to feed his family for the next week, then guides Joe the crane operator into power lines that he is unable to see. Bob just put Joe, and possibly other people’s lives, in danger.

As that was only one scenario, it shows that a simple task can go completely wrong due to our emotions getting in the way. Best practice is to learn to leave these emotions in the truck before stepping onto the job site and pick them back up at the end of the day. Remember safety is the key task that should be on everyone’s mind.

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