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Crawler Crane Helping Build a Soccer Stadium


Specialist lifting company Transdata recently assembled a 660-ton Terex CC 2800-1 crawler crane to help renovate the National Mane Garrincha soccer stadium in Brasilia, federal capital of Brazil. Capacity of the stadium is being increased from 41,000 to 70,064 and the venue will host a series of FIFA World Cup soccer matches in 2014.

The CC 2800-1 has 660-ton capacity out to a radius of 33 ft. and will be used to help construct the stadium’s rooftop. One if its tasks is to lift the 32-ton steel wire rope sections which make up the rooftop structure. The steel ropes will then be positioned on tensioning devices.

The rooftop has photovoltaic cells on the canvas cover which will generate power for the new venue, the company said.

Rigged with the vario adjustable superlift system the crane will be set up with 197-ft. main boom and 236-ft. luffing jib. It is expected to remain on site for five months. Transport to the stadium from Barra Dos Coqueiros was by 30 trucks.

Author: Laura Hatton, KHL Group

Source: KHL.com

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