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Crane Tipping Accidents Caused by Small Loads?

Crane Tipping Accidents

When we hear about a crane tipping over we often automatically assume that it was caused by lifting an object heavier than what the crane can endure. However, crane tipping accidents frequently occur with loads below the threshold of the crane.

For example, Crane Tech posted an article about a mobile crane tipping over from only a couple hundred-pound electric motor.  What caused the crane accident? The crane operator failed to fully extend the crane outriggers properly during crane setup. According to Crane Tech, “the length of the boom or the boom angle being too low” may also contribute to the occurrence of the accident. Either way, avoid this crane accident from happening on your job site by following the proper setup procedures and creating a thorough crane lift plan when necessary.

Here are some quick tips for setting up the crane prior to making any crane lift:

Whether the job consists of lifting a couple tons or lifting a couple hundred pounds the mind set should always be the same. Always ask questions before a crane lift.  

These are only a few of the keys questions for a successful crane lift.

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