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Covid-19 Pandemic’s Effect on Worksites with Tower Cranes

Tower crane

Many construction and infrastructure projects continue across the globe despite government-ordered shutdowns and closings of businesses, schools, and stores. Unfortunately, some work sites lie dormant and are not expected to resume activity for weeks or months. An article at International Cranes and Specialized Transport Magazine highlights advice by the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) regarding what should be done with tower cranes at construction sites whose progress is put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Prepping for Down Time

CPA recommends consulting the crane manufacturer’s guidelines for out of service status. This includes the jib or luffing cranes be left at the longest possible radius that still allows for clearance of other structures and objects. The mechanism for free slewing should be in proper working order, and the base of the tower crane should be kept clear of surface water. Free slewing is also known as weathervane mode, as mentioned in a previous blog post.

Periodic inspections of the crane and surrounding work site are necessary for safety, as well as a thorough inspection before the crane returns to service.

Read the story at International Cranes and Specialized Transport Magazine‘s website by clicking here. CPA’s safety alert can be reviewed here. Image above courtesy of Pixbay.

April 1, 2020

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