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Complimentary Lift Planning Webinar Coming

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ITI Showcase Webinar Series

“The ITI Showcase Webinar Series”. The series features ITI President/CEO Mike Parnell presenting hour-long webinars on subjects selected by registrants. Registrants receive access to the recorded webinar and presentation (PDF) document after the event.

About the Speaker

Mr. Parnell has a wealth of knowledge regarding cranes, rigging, and lifting activities throughout a variety of industries. Mike currently sits as the Vice Chair of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) B30 Main Committee which sets the standards in the US for cranes and rigging, also, he is the Chair of the ASME P30 Main Committee which sets the standards for lift planning. ASME standards are also adopted by many countries around the world including Canada.*

The Inaugural Presentation – Cranes, Rigging & Your Organization March 16, 2012 – 140 professionals in Health & Safety, Training, Management, Human Resources, and similar roles registered for the first webinar held on March 16th from 32 US states and 18 countries including Canada, Kuwait, Nigeria, Peru, United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Over 100 companies were represented including industry giants like Boeing, General Electric, Fluor, British Petroleum, and Siemens for the Cranes, Rigging and Your Organization webinar.

Source: http://iti.com

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