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Initial Members of Canada’s First Crane Council Announced

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MCM Events is delighted to name the first members of the Canadian Hoisting & Rigging Safety Council (CHRSC), which will be inaugurated at its Crane & Rigging Conference (CRC) Canada on Sept. 13-14 at the Sutton Place Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta.

CHRSC acting chairperson Fraser Cocks, executive director, British Columbia Association for Crane Safety, said: “The panel members, which are the initial starting directors, are composed of companies, organizations, and associations. It is structured in this way to ensure every industry sector as well as all applications of lifting equipment are included. The intent of the council is to ensure that the members consist of applicable major stakeholders across Canada.”

The new council will be introduced to CRC Canada attendees on the afternoon of Sept. 14 before sitting to form a panel to take questions from the audience. Breaking new ground in the way crane safety is addressed in the region, it is sure to be an event highlight.

Cocks added: “The individual panel members will be sharing their perspectives and anticipated outcomes of the council. We will also be reporting on a couple of projects that have already been started as a result of this council. We will have some real work underway to demonstrate the value and potential of what an organization such as this can accomplish when industry comes together collaboratively.”

The first Canadian Hoisting & Rigging Safety Council member organizations and representatives are:

Source: http://www.cranehotline.com/articles/5970/canadas-first-crane-council-names-initial-members/

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