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Assisted Living Facility Goes Up In Lakeland

Florida Presbyterian Homes, located in Lakelend, FL, is currently in the process of developing a new Assisted Living Facility.
Florida Presbyterian Homes is a 48-acre picturesque, wooded campus on the shores of Lake Hunter. The campus is a charming neighborhood with graceful tree-shaded streets, rolling lawns, and flowering garden nooks. Three hundred residents live in 115 cottages; 61 independent living apartments, 32 assisted living apartments, and 40 bed state-of-the-art, skilled nursing center.
Sims Crane & Equipment was recently had the ‘Mary Helen’ on site to work with Specialty Concrete, setting slabs of hollow core concrete in place. CCO Dylan Sherman lifted the plates, one by one, from the flatbed semi and carefully lined each one up and placed it into its place on the foundation.
Hennessey Construction, located in St. Petersburg, FL is overseeing the build and has also completed projects at Westminster Palms Independent Living Facility in St. Petersburg, upgrades to St. Anthony’s Hospital and Updegrafff Vision & Ambulatory Surgery Center.

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