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ASME B30 Committee Recruits Individuals to Serve

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The ASME B30 Committee, which establishes and updates voluntary industry standards facilitating the safe design, inspection, maintenance and operation of cranes, hoists, and related rigging and lifting equipment, is currently soliciting individuals to serve on its Interest Review Group and Regulatory Authority Council.

The Interest Review Group provides individuals who are unable to attend in-person meetings (due to country of residence or geographic location, for example) a vehicle to participate in committee activities; while the Regulatory Authority Council is specifically intended to facilitate the participation of individuals representing local, state, or federal jurisdictions. There are no costs to apply for committee membership or participate in committee activities.

Source: http://www.cranehotline.com/articles/5678/asme-b30-committee-recruits-individuals-to-serve-on-interest-review-group/

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