Becoming the Largest Tadano ATF Crane Owner in N.A.

Tadano ATF Fleet
Sims Crane recently received 17 Tadano all terrain cranes, which put Sims Crane & Equipment as the largest Tadano all terrain crane owner in North America. In 2015, Sims Crane purchased 29 Tadano all terrain and rough terrain cranes.

“Why?” You may ask. Well, “Sims Crane is committed to investing in the best possible equipment to support the construction industry in Florida.” Said Dean Sims II. Tadano is recognized as a technology leader in the crane industry, offering state-of-the-art operating systems and field proven design features.

According to Tadanos Vice President of Sales Ron Dogotch, “Tadano’s ability to manufacture and support safe, quality and efficient cranes complements Sims commitment of providing the best possible equipment to their customers.”

Sims Crane’s Tadano acquisitions in 2015 have included:

  • Eight all-terrain ATF 70G cranes
  • Two all-terrain ATF 100G cranes
  • Four all-terrain ATF 130G cranes
  • One all-terrain ATF 180G cranes
  • Two all-terrain ATF 220G cranes
  • Two rough-terrain GR-1000XL cranes
  • Four rough-terrain GR-550XL cranes
  • Six rough-terrain GR-750XL cranes

We expect to see even more Tadano equipment being spread all throughout Sims Crane.

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