Safety Tip | Tripping and Slipping Hazards

Slipping and tripping is one of the easiest ways to get hurt on the job site. It happens more often than it should. Although, it is one of the easiest hazards to prevent. There are a couple factors to consider, for example, you have design and maintenance, aware of your surroundings, and housekeeping.

            Design and maintenance is one of the key factors to job site safety. When laying out your job site keep in mind is there, going to be large objects moved through a particular areas or is there going to be heavy foot traffic in an area. These are just the minor things to consider. A successful job is a safe job.

            Another very important tip is be aware of your surroundings. If you are working on high-level floors, you need to be especially 100% aware of what is going on around you. If you are working near an edge pay attention to how far the ledge actually is. Are you a step from it or 10 steps from it? It does not take long for you to be on the 10th floor and end up on the 1st.  

            Lastly, this may be the easiest solution to take to help prevent tripping or slipping. Housekeeping is crucial on a job site. If you are done with a tool or piece of material. Put it away in the proper location. In many cases, a person trips or slips on the job site from improper housekeeping. If your job site has been experiences improper housekeeping, spend some time at the end of the workday to pick it up. Then from that point forward, when your down with an item just put it away and you will not have to spend an hour or more at the end of the workday cleaning up.

            Remember a successful job is a safe job. So take the initiative and help create your job a safe job. At Sims Crane & Equipment, we keep safety in the front of our minds every day. We hope you take safety as important as we do.

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