Can a Crane be Compared to a Car?

Comparing your a crane to your car
When it comes to the summer time we mostly think about and plan family road trips. Usually before getting on the road, we would typically have the car inspected and maintenance. Well cranes actually should be no different, let me explain. Crane operators should be completing a pre-shift inspection already. However, when it comes time for the annual inspection, this is something you should pass over to a qualified inspector who has the knowledge and skills to perform a broad inspection of the entire crane.

Which same goes for the car, anyone can check their oil or make sure they have enough air in the tires. But, when it’s time for that annual maintenance the car is taken to a shop. NOBODY wants their car worked on by just anyone, it’s always reassuring knowing that a well-qualified mechanic is taking care of you. This should be no different for the crane. Every time you have your crane worked on ask yourself these questions. Were they trained to be an inspector? When was the last time they attended training? Do they have the experience to complete a thorough inspection? Are they up to date with all of the safety regulations and standards, such as OSHA, ASME, or ANSI? These are just the very basic questions you should asking.

The inspection shouldn’t be done quickly nor cheaply. The life’s around you on the job site depend on that crane being safe and working properly. Think about your family car would you let your family get into a car that hasn’t been inspected or maintenance in years? As we can see cranes really are just like our own personal cars. They should be treated, maintenance, and thought about just like it was the family car.

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