Massive Stage Build for WrestleMania 33

Operators and riggers from Sims Crane joined the stage crew of WrestleMania 33 for their biggest stage build ever!  Two 160 ton Tadano cranes and one 70 ton Tadano assisted with the hoisting which included Read More

All New – Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 – Sims Crane 2017

The Sims Crane team has spent weeks training on the mobilization and operation of the new Liebherr LTM 1500-8.1 at our headquarters in Tampa, FL.  The LTM 1500 is a 550 ton rate capacity all Read More

Crane Tipping Accidents Caused by Small Loads?

When we hear about a crane tipping over we often automatically assume that it was caused by lifting an object heavier than what the crane can endure. However, crane tipping accidents frequently occur with loads Read More

Emotions is the Overlooked Leader to Distractions

Put Your Junk In The Trunk – Emotional Distractions Original Post: Crane Tech Author: Crane Tech Blogger Distractions are known as the leading causes to accidents on jobsites. For example, someone is reading a text, Read More

Key Questions for an Impervious Lift Plan

5 Key Questions for Developing a Sound Lift Plan Original Post: Author: Travelers Blogger Crane lifts can be one of the most dangerous tasks happening on the construction job site. In best practices, it Read More

Apply Online – Crane Operator and Truck Driver Jobs

Sims Crane announces the new online crane operator and truck driver application system.  Have you ever considered joining the Sims Crane rental and rigging experts Florida contractors trust most?  Now you can view crane operator Read More

Construction Tool? Contractors Among Top Drone Users

FAA: Smaller Contractors Using Construction Drones the Most Original Post: Author:  GILES LAMBERSTON – CEG BLOGGER Are drones becoming known as a construction tool? In a recent report from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) shows Read More

Can a Crane be Compared to a Car?

When it comes to the summer time we mostly think about and plan family road trips. Usually before getting on the road, we would typically have the car inspected and maintenance. Well cranes actually should Read More

Does New Gear Equal Perfect Gear?

Everyone loves new gear, who doesn’t? The real question to ask though, is new gear perfect gear? Well, it is new so that should mean it’s perfect. Sadly, that assumption may not be the smart Read More

Less Assuming, More Doing

When you use your rigging gear or any gear for that matter do you just assume that it is in perfect shape just because it is new? Well, sadly we cannot look at it that Read More

Qualified and Un-Qualified Signalpersons

Over half the people in the craning industry are not actually qualified signalpersons. Is it because of lack of knowledge about the requirement? Is it because employers don’t know what a qualified signal person should Read More

Asking the Proper Questions Before a Crane Lift

When a crane operator arrives at a jobsite, asking the right questions and communicating with others will help everyone be more prepared. Such as, who is the lift director, what are their requirements for PPE, Read More

Becoming the Largest Tadano ATF Crane Owner in N.A.

Sims Crane recently received 17 Tadano all terrain cranes, which put Sims Crane & Equipment as the largest Tadano all terrain crane owner in North America. In 2015, Sims Crane purchased 29 Tadano all terrain Read More

Ground Conditions (1926.1402)

In 1926.1402, it defines ground conditions as the ability of the ground to support the equipment (including slope, compaction, and firmness). 1926.1402 goes on to state that the equipment must not be assembled or used Read More

Safety Tip | Tripping and Slipping Hazards

Slipping and tripping is one of the easiest ways to get hurt on the job site. It happens more often than it should. Although, it is one of the easiest hazards to prevent. There are Read More

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