Asking the Proper Questions Before a Crane Lift

When a crane operator arrives at a jobsite, asking the right questions and communicating with others will help everyone be more prepared. Such as, who is the lift director, what are their requirements for PPE, jobsite specific rules, moving with or without a spotter, recognizing hazards, and etc.

Asking these questions is greatly more important than many may think. For example, say a job is going to require you to make a crane lift and place an item on the other side of an energized powerline. You need to ask “Are we going to be going under the powerlines or around the powerlines?” The next question needs to be “Will I have a spotter for this crane lift?” If the answer is, “No, you will not have a spotter,” and the lift is going to be in a place that you may have a difficult time seeing, you need to address the controlling entity and let them know you believe you need a spotter for this crane lift. Working mobile cranes around energized powerlines is a dangerous job. (You can learn more about that by watching this episode of Sims Crane Minute)

I have another example for you, say you are working in a rough terrain environment and you know you will be making an extremely heavy crane lift. One of the first questions you need to ask is “Have you had the ground tested?” It is extremely important you have the ground tested before you set up the outriggers on the mobile crane. Why? Well, the ground you are working on could have a sink hole forming underneath and now you set up an outrigger on top of it. Everything seems fine until you make your lift and now your outrigger arm is sinking. Now your crane has flipped over and possibly injured, or worse case, killed someone.

As you can you see asking the right questions can surely change how safe your job really is. So always remember when you arrive to the jobsite, before you make a crnae lift, find out who is the controlling entity and then ask all of the proper questions. If you would like to learn more about jobsite safety for construction cranes check out our YouTube Channel (SimsCrane).

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